SPARC, a core project of the WCRP, is a major user of stratospheric CDRs and has core activities focussed on the temperature, aerosol, water vapour and ozone CDRs that will be produced by SPIN. To ensure that the products being produced by SPIN are tailored to the needs of the SPARC user community, leaders withing these SPARC activities (W. Randel for temperature, L. Thomason for aerosol, K. Rosenlof for water vapour, and M. Shiotani for ozone) constitute an advisory board to SPIN. Members of this advisory board will likely attend the end of phase 1 review meeting. They will also link SPIN to similar ongoing programmes in NASA (L. Thomason), NOAA (K. Rosenlof) and JAXA (M. Shiotani). By feeding SPIN outputs into the various SPARC activities directly concerned with the evaluation and production of stratospheric CDRs, a high level of scientific quality is assured. This is turn fosters international acceptance of the new data sets which is essential to their use by the community. SPARC has previously published assessments covering all four ECVs that are the focus of SPIN and these assessments continue to guide the use of datasets for these ECVs throughout the stratospheric research community. In return, by leveraging off existing activities within SPARC, such as the currently active Data Initiaive, SPIN is able to maximize the scientific return from the funding being made available by ESA. All members of the consortium team are currently involved in one or more of these SPARC activities, in many cases in a leadership role.