Activity within the ESA ozone_CCI links to SPIN through multiple paths. To ensure an efficient interface between SPIN and the ozone_CCI, Michel Van Roozendael, the Science Leader of the ozone_CCI, has been selected as the Science Leader for SPIN. This will ensure that duplication of effort between the two projects is avoided and that symbiotic links across the interface between the two projects will result in the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

The primary focus of the ozone_CCI project is to develop, characterize and deliver ESA and ESA-TPM ozone data products of improved accuracy and stability that match the requirements from the climate user community. Matured level-2 ozone profile data products being made available through the ozone_CCI will feed work packages within SPIN. While the ozone_CCI focuses strongly on improving and consolidating European ozone level-2 and level-3 data sets for generating high-quality GCOS-compliant data series, and generally focuses on a relatively short period (e.g. two contiguous years) in the period 2002-2010, SPIN extends the reach of these activities by linking ozone climate data records developed, in part, within the ozone_CCI to ozone products developed by other space agencies, specifically NASA and NOAA with the aim of developing multi-decade ozone climate data records. As such, both projects are highly complementary. Owing to the involvement of several key partners in both SPIN and in the ozone_CCI project, cross-fertilisation is expected to take place in several areas and which will result in a better understanding of the issues related to the different sensors and a better characterization of the resulting climate-relevant products being generated in both projects. The specifics of the links between the ozone_CCI and spin are described in more detail in Section 4.3.2 of the Technical Proposal.